Gen3 Accessories (2008-2018)

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The Jimny was first manufactured by the Japanese automaker in 1970, this version was named the LJ10 – or Light Jeep 10. In 1972, Suzuki launched the LJ20. The SJ10 arrived in 1975. The SJ10 will go down in history as Suzuki’s first overseas production vehicle. In 1981 Suzuki introduced the 1,000cc SJ410 which represented a shift from basic practicality to a greater focus on leisure and lifestyle. The all-new Suzuki Jimny arrived in 1998 under the banner of “smart in the city, tough in nature.” Whether you drive an iconic Jimny SJ410, or Suzuki Jimny, we strive to ensure that we have an accessory for you.

Our Des-Sol after market accessories are specifically designed to further enhance the quality of your ride and give you the added advantage of exceptional off-road protection. Our Wheel Spacers, Rock Sliders and Radial Arm Cup Protectors (RCP’s) together with our new Transfer Box Skid Protector Plate give you the best 4×4 and overlanding protection available on the market today.