Gen4 Accessories

(3 Door & 5 Door)


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The Suzuki design team has now launched their latest 5-door version of the improved new Gen4-3 door version Jimny (2018 – Present) The Gen4-5 door still maintains the improved Gen3-3 door ladder chassis which is the backbone of the vehicle plus all the great features of the 3 door version. There is speculation that this reasonably priced Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5-door version will be a hit with South African overlanding enthusiasts.

Des Sol is proud to announce that their engineers have been hard at work ensuring that all the current Des Sol Gen4-3 door accessories seamlessly integrate with the new Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5-door version. Given that we believe that the 5-door will soon become an overlanding favourite, we have concentrated on ensuring that the Des Sol EV1 Suspension Kit and EV1Sport Shock Absorbers (if you do not wish to lift your vehicle) fit the Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5-door version snugly providing the most stable, smooth and safe ride imaginable. Added to this we have also ensured that our Rack-Tech Roof Rack and our industry favourite OverLander 80-liter tank fit the Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5 door like a glove. These two products have been successfully prototyped and tested and are currently at maximum production capacity at our factory. To ensure that the hardcore 4×4 enthusiasts are not left out, our Des Sol engineers have also re-designed our well-known and trusted Gen4-3 door Rock Sliders ensuring a snug/strong fit to the Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5 door by adding a securing brackets to the design which now includes 4 mounting brackets per slider.

 The following Des Sol Gen4-3 door aftermarket hardware products fit the Suzuki Jimny AllGrip Pro 5 door without any design changes and are available for purchase directly from our website: Front BumperFront Differential ProtectionRear Differential ProtectionTransfer Case Protection, and Radial Cup Protectors. The Des Sol Rear Bumper needs a little modification to accommodate the standard OEM reverse camera kit.