Addressing Steering Wheel Tilt in Your Lifted Jimny

If you’ve lifted your GEN4 Jimny and find the steering wheel tilting hard right during alignment, you’re encountering a common issue in lifted vehicles, especially those with electronic steering systems like the GEN4 Jimny.


Understanding the Problem:

– The GEN4 Jimny features electronic steering assistance, unlike its predecessor, which utilized hydraulic systems.

– Electronic systems rely on a steering wheel sensor to determine wheel angles.

– Lifting the vehicle can pull the steering off-center, confusing the sensor and causing the steering wheel to tilt.




  1. Clear View Angle Adjustment:

– Visit a wheel alignment center experienced with electronic steering systems.

– Keep the vehicle running during alignment to prevent sensor confusion (this has worked well for us)

– Technicians will manually adjust the clear view angle to recalibrate the sensor.


  1. Steering Angle Sensor Reset:

– If the sensor remains confused, it needs resetting.

– Most alignment centers have diagnostic tools for this purpose.

– Advanced tools indicate the sensor’s angle, allowing technicians to adjust the wheel to correct it.

– Simpler tools may require manual estimation of the adjustment needed.


  1. Advanced Techniques:

– In rare cases, alternative methods may be necessary.

– One involves deliberately misaligning the steering wheel by 90 degrees and driving briefly to trigger a fault code.

– After recentering the wheel and clearing faults, the issue is usually resolved.



Steering wheel tilt after lifting your Jimny is a common consequence of electronic steering systems and lifted vehicles. By seeking help from experienced alignment centers and following the outlined steps, you can effectively recalibrate the system and restore proper steering alignment to your vehicle.


We hope this guide assists you in addressing your Jimny’s steering alignment issue. Should you require further assistance or have additional questions, feel free to reach out.

Safe travels!