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Des Sol Steel E Coating and Powder Coating Facts

Overview All of our Des Sol Products that are subject to direct exposure to 4×4 outdoor activities such as dune sand (wet and dry), mud, rock and water (river crossings) in coastal and inland locations are manufactured out of high quality, hot rolled, extra high strength, cold forming steel which is imported from Sweden. This […]

How much additional weight can I carry with Des Sol suspension upgrade?

Tare weight payload and GVM The tare weight of the Gen4 Jimny is 1075kg, payload 360kg and maximum weight, the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), is 1435kg. So you will not be able to legally exceed this number. Our Des-Sol Suspension Kit will handle a total load of 500kg (accessories plus passengers) but not 250kg on […]

How do I identify if my Jimny really has a death wobble?

Why does my Jimny have this potential problem The Jimny has a live axle and ladder chassis set-up, which is ideal for four-wheel driving but is a compromise for on-road comfort. In extreme cases, the King Pin / Shim preload is the main cause of the death wobble, and if the kingpin bearing preload is […]

Do I need to fit Castor Correction Bushes on my Jimny after a 50mm lift?

We recommend fitting Castor Correction Bushes for two reasons: As your suspension is lifted your castor will change (become more negative) from standard specs of between +0°55′ and +2°55′ to between -1° to -2°. As a result of this: Your coils will have a bow in them when fitted i.e. will not be parallel to […]

What tyres can I fit to my Jimny?

Gen3 Jimny Tyre Sizes Tyres Standard – 205/70 Next – 205/75 (very slight difference) Recommended – 215/75 (Standard Bumper without Wheel Spacers) Note: Can catch on the front bumper normally in reverse when in full lock to the left or right. To remedy this trim the bumper insert by 10 mm which solves the problem. […]

Selecting the correct Rock Sliders for your Jimny

Selection Criteria Selecting the correct Rock Sliders for your Jimny should be a carefully considered exercise. It can however be broken down to two main criteria: Do you want Rock Sliders for show? Do you want Rock Sliders for protection? If you are looking for Rock Sliders simply to look good on your vehicle, the […]