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The Des Sol EV Shock Absorber Series

The discontinuation of the Gabriel brand of shock absorbers is a sad day for South Africa, especially given their long history regarding this well known local brand, not forgetting the loss of employment of staff at the Gabriel factory in Cape Town.

Is an Adjustable Panhard Bar Absolutely Necessary

The panhard bar is a key part to cornering and handling of your solid rear axle Jimny. The panhard bar keeps your rear axle planted while negotiating turns in the road. To summarise Panhard Bars work to

Des-sol Overlander 80l Long Range Tank

Overview Running out of fuel isn’t a pleasant experience, and even running low can have some pretty nasty effects on your fuel pump so its best avoided.  Even the thought of running out of fuel isn’t a nice feeling, wondering whether you are going to make it to the nearest fuel station or not.  A […]

Des Sol Under Body Protection

Overview Is under body protection required or an essential part of your rig setup? This is a hotly debated topic and we hope to be able to provide the pros and cons to assist Des Sol clients to be able to decide on the best path forward..   Stock Verses Increased Tyre or Rim Size […]

Des Sol Gen3 Gen4 Roof Racks

Overview Des Sol Engineers have spent many months trialling this new low profile Roof Rack design for minimum wind noise, maximum weight to strength ratio and many rack accessory mounting options. Our base unit is a Des Sol proprietary extrusion mould unit that we have designed and had manufactured which will form the basis of […]

Des Sol 50mm Suspension Lift Kit Facts

A well designed, hard wearing suspension is critical for high performance 4×4 vehicles. The Suzuki Jimny is a fantastic little 4×4 vehicle with amazing off road capabilities. Des Sol engineers realised that this presented a great opportunity to extend the performance of the Jimny and design a 50mm Lift Kit that would be affordable for the majority of South African Jimny owners.

Selecting your Jimny Wheel Spacers

Overview The pro’s and con’s of fitting Wheel Spacers are a hot topic on social media platforms. This topic is vigorously debated in many forums both locally and internationally. The most common issues discussed are related to, safety, reliability, performance and life span. We cover these hotly debated topics briefly below. Safety and Reliability Thread […]

Des Sol Steel E Coating and Powder Coating Facts

All of our Des Sol Products that are subject to direct exposure to 4×4 outdoor activities such as dune sand (wet and dry), mud, rock and water (river crossings) in coastal and inland locations are manufactured out of high quality, hot rolled, extra high strength, cold forming steel which is imported from Sweden.

How much additional weight can I carry with Des Sol suspension upgrade?

Tare weight payload and GVM The tare weight of the Gen4 Jimny is 1075kg, payload 360kg and maximum weight, the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), is 1435kg. So you will not be able to legally exceed this number. Our Des-Sol Suspension Kit will handle a total load of 500kg (accessories plus passengers) but not 250kg on […]

How do I identify if my Jimny really has a death wobble?

Why does my Jimny have this potential problem? The Jimny has a live axle and ladder chassis set-up, which is ideal for four-wheel driving but is a compromise for on-road comfort. In extreme cases, the King Pin / Shim preload is the main cause of the death wobble, and if the kingpin bearing preload is […]