Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Suzuki Jimny for Off-Road Adventures

Step 1: Embrace Off-Road Exploration – Connect with local Jimny owner groups or forums to gather tips and insights for South African off-road adventures. – Begin with beginner-friendly trails and [...]

Your Essential Camping Checklist for Jimny Adventurers

Introduction: Are you planning a camping trip with your trusty Suzuki Jimny? Make sure you’re well-prepared with our comprehensive camping checklist tailored specifically for Jimny owners. From vehicle essentials to [...]

Addressing Steering Wheel Tilt in Your Lifted Jimny

If you’ve lifted your GEN4 Jimny and find the steering wheel tilting hard right during alignment, you’re encountering a common issue in lifted vehicles, especially those with electronic steering systems [...]

Understanding the Crucial Role of Extended Brake Lines in Suzuki Jimny Lift Kits

Are you considering a lift kit upgrade for your Suzuki Jimny to unlock its off-road potential? While lift kits offer numerous benefits, there are critical considerations, especially regarding your vehicle’s [...]

Exploring the Exciting Changes and Accessories for the Suzuki Jimny 5 Door

Are you ready for an adventure? Get ready to hit the trails in style with the new Suzuki Jimny 5 Door. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting changes [...]

Addressing the Suzuki Jimny Lean with Our 12mm HDPE Spacer

Did you know that around 40% of Suzuki Jimny vehicles experience a ±10-15mm lower height on the right rear side? This imbalance can cause your Jimny to lean noticeably to [...]

Unveiling the Ingenious Design Behind the Des Sol 4×4 Snorkel

Greetings, fellow adventurer! Today, let’s delve into a crucial question: why does our snorkel face backward? At Des Sol, we understand the importance of equipping your Suzuki Jimny with the [...]

The Des Sol EV Shock Absorber Series

The discontinuation of the Gabriel brand of shock absorbers is a sad day for South Africa, especially given their long history regarding this well known local brand, not forgetting the [...]

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Is an Adjustable Panhard Bar Absolutely Necessary

The panhard bar is a key part to cornering and handling of your solid rear axle Jimny. The panhard bar keeps your rear axle planted while negotiating turns in the [...]

Des-sol Overlander 80l Long Range Tank

Overview Running out of fuel isn’t a pleasant experience, and even running low can have some pretty nasty effects on your fuel pump so its best avoided.  Even the thought [...]

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Des Sol Under Body Protection

Overview Is under body protection required or an essential part of your rig setup? This is a hotly debated topic and we hope to be able to provide the pros [...]

Des Sol Gen3 Gen4 Roof Racks

Overview Des Sol Engineers have spent many months trialling this new low profile Roof Rack design for minimum wind noise, maximum weight to strength ratio and many rack accessory mounting [...]

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Des Sol 50mm Suspension Lift Kit Facts

A well designed, hard wearing suspension is critical for high performance 4x4 vehicles. The Suzuki Jimny is a fantastic little 4x4 vehicle with amazing off road capabilities. Des Sol engineers [...]

Selecting your Jimny Wheel Spacers

Overview The pro’s and con’s of fitting Wheel Spacers are a hot topic on social media platforms. This topic is vigorously debated in many forums both locally and internationally. The [...]

Des Sol Steel E Coating and Powder Coating Facts

All of our Des Sol Products that are subject to direct exposure to 4x4 outdoor activities such as dune sand (wet and dry), mud, rock and water (river crossings) in [...]

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Blog Post by Bradley Sumner – Gen3

Submitted by Bradley 083 281 7800 I would like to start off by thanking Jan and his team from Custom Canopies for the professional service they gave me and my [...]

Suzuki Jimny Suspension Upgrade, Why?

Submitted by Jason 082 868 6322 Having grown up on Land-Rover and Toyota, why buy a Gen-4 Suzuki Jimny, and then add a Des-Sol Suspension Upgrade kit. Having researched and [...]

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Des-Sol Kerkenberg Expedition 2020 – Part 1

To all our Des-Sol friends who survived a testing weekend in the Kwa-Zulu Natal, Drakensburg mountains where water, mud, and rock trails were made all the more exciting by the [...]

How are Des-Sol Springs Manufactured

Cold Rolled vs Hot Rolled Coil Springs Compared to hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel has a nearly 20% increase in strength through the use of strain hardening. It’s through a series [...]

Will Des-Sol 32mm Wheel Spacers Impact Jimny Bearing Wear?

  There are many opinions on social media platforms about whether it is better to fit deep dish rims or wheel spacers to your Jimny. The fact is that it [...]


What is a Drop Bar and is it Absolutely Necessary?

The Gen4 Jimny has an additional cross member added to the chassis below the prop shaft to give the chassis better rigidity. When lifting the Jimny by 50mm and adding [...]


Where can I find Des-Sol Fitment and Distributers in Cape Town?

African Sky Adventure Company Founded in 2019, African Sky Adventure Co. which is based in the Helderberg Area Western Cape, has evolved by having a passion for Customer Service and [...]

How much additional weight can I carry with Des Sol suspension upgrade?

Tare weight payload and GVM The tare weight of the Gen4 Jimny is 1075kg, payload 360kg and maximum weight, the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), is 1435kg. So you will not [...]

How do I identify if my Jimny really has a death wobble?

Why does my Jimny have this potential problem? The Jimny has a live axle and ladder chassis set-up, which is ideal for four-wheel driving but is a compromise for on-road [...]

Do I need to fit Castor Correction Bushes on my Jimny after a 50mm lift?

We recommend fitting Castor Correction Bushes for two reasons: As your suspension is lifted your castor will change (become more negative) from standard specs of between +0°55′ and +2°55′ to [...]


What tyres can I fit to my Jimny?

Gen3 Jimny Tyre Sizes Tyres Standard – 205/70 Next – 205/75 (very slight difference) Recommended – 215/75 (Standard Bumper without Wheel Spacers) Note: Can catch on the front bumper normally [...]


Selecting the correct Rock Sliders for your Jimny

Overview It has been known for the Jimny Side Sills to sometimes come off just by stepping accidentally on them. Traversing rough rocky terrain just rips them off completely in [...]

Client Feedback Blog

This blog was written by: Jon Walsh Warrington, Cheshire, UK We’ve just got started in the world of off-road, and as beginners where better to start than with a [...]

Preview – Tala Game Reserve 4×4 Trail with Des-Sol & Monteseel Adventures

Des-Sol specialises in Suzuki Jimny 4×4 aftermarket accessories and supports the conservation of our natural heritage and wild life in South Africa, specifically here in KZN (Kwa- Zulu Natal). There [...]


Rocky River Crossing

One of the hardest 4×4 routes to tackle are river crossings, especially when you are traversing along a rocky river bed with loose boulders beneath your wheels. You cannot see [...]

Impact of Accessory Weight on the Performance of Your Jimny

Underestimating the impact that the weight of additional Jimny accessories has on the life of your Jimny and also the impact that this weight has on the performance and road [...]


Suzuki Jimny Upgrades with Des Sol Slimline Bumper

There are many local and imported aftermarket Suzuki Jimny Bumpers available on the market today, but how do you evaluate the bumper manufacturing quality and fitment of these bumpers before [...]