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Impact of Accessory Weight on the Performance of Your Jimny

Underestimating the impact that the weight of additional Jimny accessories has on the life of your Jimny and also the impact that this weight has on the performance and road handling of your Suzuki Jimny is often overlooked by many.

This blog covers technical points such as what are the preferred accessories selected by Jimny owners, a table of most typical accessories for your Suzuki Jimny 4×4 and the approximate weight of each accessory, as well as some basic test weight data measured by Des-Sol. We also discuss the impact that this weight has on the ground clearance of your Jimny when empty and loaded. We also cover the merits and importance of good spring design, the basic operation of shock absorbers and why it is vitally important to match spring and shock absorber when doing a 50mm suspension lift.

A reminder to the reader that it is not mentioned in the blog that from a weight perspective, size for size, our Jimny Bumpers are one of the lightest steel bumpers available on the market today.

Suzuki Jimny Upgrades with Des Sol Slimline Bumper

There are many local and imported aftermarket Suzuki Jimny Bumpers available on the market today, but how do you evaluate the bumper manufacturing quality and fitment of these bumpers before purchasing online? Is it easy for the DIY enthusiast to fit? Do you have to cut, drill into or weld onto your crumple zone mounting […]