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Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Your Suzuki Jimny for Off-Road Adventures

Step 1: Embrace Off-Road Exploration – Connect with local Jimny owner groups or forums to gather tips and insights for South African off-road adventures. – Begin with beginner-friendly trails and gradually advance to more challenging terrains, considering factors like ground clearance and differential height. Step 2: Equip Your Jimny for Adventure – Explore various off-road […]

Addressing Steering Wheel Tilt in Your Lifted Jimny

If you’ve lifted your GEN4 Jimny and find the steering wheel tilting hard right during alignment, you’re encountering a common issue in lifted vehicles, especially those with electronic steering systems like the GEN4 Jimny.   Understanding the Problem: – The GEN4 Jimny features electronic steering assistance, unlike its predecessor, which utilized hydraulic systems. – Electronic […]

Addressing the Suzuki Jimny Lean with Our 12mm HDPE Spacer

Did you know that around 40% of Suzuki Jimny vehicles experience a ±10-15mm lower height on the right rear side? This imbalance can cause your Jimny to lean noticeably to one side, affecting both aesthetics and performance to a degree. Introducing Our Solution: The 12mm HDPE Spacer To address the Jimny lean head-on, we’ve developed […]

Unveiling the Ingenious Design Behind the Des Sol 4×4 Snorkel

Greetings, fellow adventurer! Today, let’s delve into a crucial question: why does our snorkel face backward? At Des Sol, we understand the importance of equipping your Suzuki Jimny with the best-in-class accessories to enhance its off-road capabilities. Our Des Sol SNORKEL, meticulously engineered from durable 2.5″ diameter Stainless Steel and fortified with a resilient POWDER-COATED finish, is tailored […]

Des Sol Gen3 Gen4 Roof Racks

Overview Des Sol Engineers have spent many months trialling this new low profile Roof Rack design for minimum wind noise, maximum weight to strength ratio and many rack accessory mounting options. Our base unit is a Des Sol proprietary extrusion mould unit that we have designed and had manufactured which will form the basis of […]

Selecting your Jimny Wheel Spacers

Overview The pro’s and con’s of fitting Wheel Spacers are a hot topic on social media platforms. This topic is vigorously debated in many forums both locally and internationally. The most common issues discussed are related to, safety, reliability, performance and life span. We cover these hotly debated topics briefly below. Safety and Reliability Thread […]

Impact of Accessory Weight on the Performance of Your Jimny

Underestimating the impact that the weight of additional Jimny accessories has on the life of your Jimny and also the impact that this weight has on the performance and road handling of your Suzuki Jimny is often overlooked by many.

This blog covers technical points such as what are the preferred accessories selected by Jimny owners, a table of most typical accessories for your Suzuki Jimny 4×4 and the approximate weight of each accessory, as well as some basic test weight data measured by Des-Sol. We also discuss the impact that this weight has on the ground clearance of your Jimny when empty and loaded. We also cover the merits and importance of good spring design, the basic operation of shock absorbers and why it is vitally important to match spring and shock absorber when doing a 50mm suspension lift.

A reminder to the reader that it is not mentioned in the blog that from a weight perspective, size for size, our Jimny Bumpers are one of the lightest steel bumpers available on the market today.

Suzuki Jimny Upgrades with Des Sol Slimline Bumper

There are many local and imported aftermarket Suzuki Jimny Bumpers available on the market today, but how do you evaluate the bumper manufacturing quality and fitment of these bumpers before purchasing online? Is it easy for the DIY enthusiast to fit? Do you have to cut, drill into or weld onto your crumple zone mounting […]