Des-sol Overlander 80l Long Range Tank


Running out of fuel isn’t a pleasant experience, and even running low can have some pretty nasty effects on your fuel pump so its best avoided.  Even the thought of running out of fuel isn’t a nice feeling, wondering whether you are going to make it to the nearest fuel station or not.  A long-range tank takes that worry away knowing that your range is significantly increased and that barring any seriously remote trips you aren’t going to have any fuel issues. Once again this is a true Des Sol designed and manufactured product, ensuring the ease of fitment, with a straight Bolt-on Design with no chassis modification required.


The fuel tank is manufactured from zintex to ensure your tank stays clean and rust free. It is externally epoxy coated for maximum durability.  You could say that the zinc coating “takes one for the team” as the Zink  acts like a sacrificial anode extending the life of your tank for longer than other coating products. This differs significantly from coatings that consist of materials such as paint or aluminium where the corroding steel undercuts the coating over time and reduces its effectiveness. The tank has the addition of a 12mm UHMW slider plate to protect the underside as well as prevent you from getting snagged or hung up. This is an easily replaceable protection component to ensure years of off-road use. The tank comes with an option of a bolt on middle section for your stock exhaust setup or a full Viper Performance Branch and a Des Sol Stainless Steel Free Flow Exhaust System to maximise the performance and economy of your vehicle. The Des Sol Stainless Steel Free Flow Exhaust System has a warranty period of 5 Years.


  • The Free Flow Exhaust System adds to an increase in engine performance.
  • Replacing sections of your exhaust or a complete Viper High Performance Free Flow Exhaust System may void your warranty. Discuss this with your Suzuki dealer.
  • Drain Plug and all accessories supplied with the Kit
  • Extended Tank Measuring arm / Float for improved accuracy

What is UHMW

UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) is an extremely tough plastic with high abrasion and wear resistance. The versatility of polyethylene has made it a popular plastic for countless industrial applications that require durability, low friction, and chemical resistance. Applications include UHMW wear stripschain guides, packaging machinery parts, and marine dock fender pads

Gauge Functioning

We have included a replacement longer float arm which ensures the gauge works from full to empty to closely mimic the original smaller tank.  However, as the tank is twice as big you can expect the gauge operation to also be magnified by a factor of two, so if you travelled for 50 km before the needle left the full mark with the original tank, you can now expect it to take approximately 100km, likewise if you could travel for 50 km once the needle hit the empty mark, this also will be approximately double the OEM distance you could travel.

Range Function

The factory tank capacity of 40 litres is built into the OEM Firmware and is unable to be modified at this time so unfortunately the Range Function will not function as designed. However the Range calculation is based on the average fuel consumption and 85% of the OEM tank capacity. Manually doubling the displayed range will give you a rough indication of your expected actual range. All other functions will continue to work as normal.


Noise Levels

Exhaust volume and tone increase to a distinct grown but not overwhelmingly so.

LRT Comparison

Des Sol OverLander LRT – 34kg dry weight
Long Ranger LRT – 35kg dry weight
OEM 40 Litre Tank – 15kg (approximate dry weight)

Viper Branch Coating

The Viper Branch comes standard with a manifold heat shield but some customers have requested the addition of a ceramic coating that reduces the engine bay temperature considerably.

Outer Coating R2,500
Coating in and out R4,500


The tank comes with a 3 year warranty. The Viper Branch plus Des Sol Stainless Steel high performance exhaust system comes with a 5 year warranty. The Tank also has unique 12m thick protection plate secured at the bottom to protect from harsh 4×4 wear and tear. See our warranty document for full details.

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