Des Sol Steel E Coating and Powder Coating Facts


All of our Des Sol Products that are subject to direct exposure to 4×4 outdoor activities such as dune sand (wet and dry), mud, rock and water (river crossings) in coastal and inland locations are manufactured out of high quality, hot rolled, extra high strength, cold forming steel which is imported from Sweden.

This extra high strength steel grade is used in the manufacture of truck chassis, cranes and earthmoving machines. In these applications, the high strength of the steel is used to save weight and/or to increase the payload. As a result of this and the good formability of the steel, Des Sol can insure that our products are more durable and harder wearing than most 4×4 products available in the market today.

In addition to this our products are also E-Coated, and Powder Coated as well to ensure an extended lifespan under the most testing terrain and outdoor environment.

E Coating

Des Sol employ a Cathodic epoxy electrocoat procedure. This is a popular primer coat technology because of its superior adhesion and corrosion protection properties, and is perfectly suited to a wide range of liquid and powder topcoat materials. Today’s cathodic epoxy e-coat materials are environmentally friendly and suited to parts with possible cure temperature above 380°F.

Typical E Coating Process

Powder Coating

In contrast to the liquid coating process, which utilizes a liquid coating suspension, powder coating is a dry finishing process which employs powdered coating material. During the powder coating process, the powder is applied to a substrate’s pre-treated surface, melted, and then dried and hardened into a protective/decorative coating.

There are three stages to this process: surface preparation, coating application, and heat curing. Each stage employs a set of materials and equipment indicative of its particularities (e.g., the curing stage utilizes a curing oven), and, when properly completed, contributes to the production of a durable, even surface finish.

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