Des Sol Under Body Protection


Is under body protection required or an essential part of your rig setup? This is a hotly debated topic and we hope to be able to provide the pros and cons to assist Des Sol clients to be able to decide on the best path forward..


Stock Verses Increased Tyre or Rim Size

The first point of clarification is that installing a 50mm suspension lift kit for instance only increases your chassis height by 50mm but not your differential height. The only way that you can increase your differential height is by fitting larger diameter tyres or increase the rim size. Stock Tyre dimensions are Gen3 – 205/70/15″ and Gen4 – 195/80/15″.

Increasing your tyre size can give you additional ground clearance of around 9mm for the Gen3 (upgrade to 215/75) or around 20mm for the Gen4 (upgrade to 235/75). The alternative of course is to change the diameter of your rim from 15″ to say 215/70R16″ rim.

The above solutions unfortunately have downsides regarding both power reduction and increased fuel consumption. So one of the most compelling reasons to purchase under body protection would be if you have stock tyres fitted,.


Available Under Body Protection

One of the most overlooked aspects of designing underbody protection are the mounting points. Many Suzuki Jimny underbody protection devices are designed to simply bolt onto the nearest convenient mounting point and often these mounting points form a critical part of existing underbody structure



Fitting after market underbody protection shouldn’t void your warranty but be aware that poorly designed aftermarket protection plates may impact brake lines and other sensitive chassis areas. Also, if mounted to other critical chassis / drive chain components there may well be warranty issues should the associated drive chain components be damaged.


Quality Aspects of Des Sol Underbody Protection Hardware

Our Des Sol Underbody Protection Hardware has been carefully designed and crafted to provide the following attributes to our unique products


Material of Construction

Our Des Sol High Strength Transfer Case and Differential Protection Hardware is manufactured from 2mm thick, high quality, light weight, rust resistant, structural steel imported from Sweden. This is a performance steel that makes our products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. We call it performance steel because it adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel.


Fits Like a Glove

Each protection component has been specifically designed to encase the area to be protected like a metal glove, ensuring low clearance high tolerance housings that are mass produced with minimum deviations on fitment accuracy.



Our Underbody Protection Hardware is also e-coated and powder coated to ensure the best 4×4 underbody protection available both locally and internationally today.





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