Do I need to fit Castor Correction Bushes on my Jimny after a 50mm lift?

We recommend fitting Castor Correction Bushes for two reasons:

As your suspension is lifted your castor will change (become more negative) from standard specs of between +0°55′ and +2°55′ to between -1° to -2°.

As a result of this:

  1. Your coils will have a bow in them when fitted i.e. will not be parallel to your shock
  2. Handling on the open road will be impacted resulting in Road or Bump steer

Negative caster results in lighter and easier steering but reduced stability when driving in a straight line. Vehicles with negative caster do not handle as well. A symptom of negative caster is a sloppy or loose-feeling steering wheel

Positive caster is when the vehicle’s wheel (and lower pivot point) is in front of the upper pivot point. Negative caster has a lower pivot point behind the upper pivot point, and zero caster means the steering axis is perpendicular to the ground.

Caster affects the steering ease and the stability of the vehicle in a straight line. Modern cars use positive caster in order to resist unintentional turning of the vehicle, or wandering/straying from the intended path, when travelling straight at speed.

2 thoughts on “Do I need to fit Castor Correction Bushes on my Jimny after a 50mm lift?

  1. Ronnie Graham says:

    We have upgraded our 2016 gen4 jimny with your Gabriel hdp lift kit. We also installed your castor correction bushes and 32mm spacers. Now we have a very strong death wobble when braking past 60km/hour. We also have a return to Centre Steering Damper. The Tyre pressures are 1.6 bar all round. And the front wheels have been high speed on car balanced. What can the problem be?

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