How are Des-Sol Springs Manufactured

Cold Rolled vs Hot Rolled Coil Springs

Compared to hot-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel has a nearly 20% increase in strength through the use of strain hardening. It’s through a series of breakdown, semi-finishing, sizing, semi-roughing, roughing, and finishing that cold-rolled steel shapes can be created.

Many spring manufacturing companies in South Africa use a hot rolled process and locally produced steel. Des-Sol uses a spring manufacturing company that imports their steel which is cold drawn. These coils are then cold rolled shot peened, load tested, triple scragged and load tested again.

  • Shot peening has proven capable of increasing spring operating life by five to 10 times or more when compared to unpeened springs.
  • Scragging is a process where the spring is pressed to its solid height. Once the spring is taken to solid, it will be able to operate at a higher load capacity without overstressing.

Des-Sol coil springs are manufactured and tested in accordance with ISO and German Approved TUV standards as we export our springs and suspension kits into Europe.and the Middle East

Our cold rolled spring sets are capable of a total vehicle load of 500 Kilograms (approximately 140kgs over GVM) and each spring is tested according to ISO and TUV standards and recommendations to meet export standards and quality requirements.

Due to this Des-Sol are able to offer a 3 year unlimited kilometre warranty on our Jimny Gabriel Shocks and Springs Set, backed by both Des-Sol and Gabriel


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