How much additional weight can I carry with Des Sol suspension upgrade?

Tare weight payload and GVM

The tare weight of the Gen4 Jimny is 1075kg, payload 360kg and maximum weight, the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass), is 1435kg. So you will not be able to legally exceed this number.
Our Des-Sol Suspension Kit will handle a total load of 500kg (accessories plus passengers) but not 250kg on the roof as this will make the vehicle unsafe as its Tare is only 1076kg. The maximum you will be able to have on the roof will be 75kg.

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Also bear in mind that with this maximum weight of 500kg your vehicle will be 140kg over the GVM limit, in addition, when carrying this additional 500kg your 50mm lift will degrade to approximately 10mm above stock height.

Will my spring performance degrade over time?

Our cold-rolled steel springs have a nearly 20% increase in strength through the use of strain hardening. It’s through a series of breakdowns, semi-finishing, sizing, semi-roughing, roughing and finishing that cold-rolled steel shapes can be created.

Due to this Cold Rolled process, Des-Sol are able to offer a 3-year unlimited kilometer warranty on our Jimny Gabriel Shocks and Springs Set, backed by both Des-Sol and Gabriel

Our Des-Sol Medium Rate Springs are designed specifically to suit the optimum load-carrying capacity of the Gen3 and Gen4 Suzuki Jimny.

What is spring rate?

Spring Rate refers to the amount of weight it takes to compress a spring a certain distance. The higher the spring rate, the stiffer the spring. Using a higher rated spring design makes an unloaded ride very uncomfortable.

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