Is an Adjustable Panhard Bar Absolutely Necessary


The panhard bar is a key part to cornering and handling of your solid rear axle Jimny. The panhard bar keeps your rear axle planted while negotiating turns in the road. To summarise Panhard Bars work to:

  • Keep the rear axle from moving side to side
  • Keep handling consistent
  • Reduce chassis flex/twist
  • Eliminate rear-steer
  • Helps with cornering

What many would argue is the most important function of the panhard bar is it keeps the rear axle from moving side to side. Without the panhard bar keeping the rear axle from making lateral movements, you would suffer from rear-steer, which basically means your wheels shift and steer you towards an undesired path



As you change the height of your suspension (either higher or lower) your vehicle body becomes misaligned relative to your chassis. For instance, when lifting your suspension by 50mm, your chassis to body alignment can be off by up to 15mm. The higher you lift your vehicle the greater this misalignment becomes. With a 50mm lift, most drivers will not notice this offset but as the lift increases in height this misalignment becomes more pronounced/noticeable.


The standard OEM Suzuki Panhard Bars are thin walled and should you find yourself out in the bush miles from anywhere and your front Panhard Bar is damaged you will lose your ability to steer the vehicle as the bar will lose rigidity and just continue to fold back onto itself rendering your steering useless.


The Biggest benefit, by far is the strength of our Des Sol Panhard Bars. Our engineers have extensively tested our Panhard Bars and if damaged, the bar still maintains enough strength and rigidity to allow operational steering and you will be able to drive your vehicle home or to a workshop to have it repaired, saving on costly towing fees.


Our Des Sol Adjustable Panhard Bars are manufactured from thick walled, Drawn Over Mandrel (DOM) Mechanical Tubing. Our adjusters are manufactured out of High Tensile Steel and our bushings are manufactured out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which has a high degree of elasticity and more precise hardness. As a result, our Des Sol product achieves a balance between flexibility, durability and strength required for aggressive 4×4 performance. And the best of all, no squeaking noise.

Our bars are also e-coated and powder coated providing a superior finish and extra coating for a longer lifespan. The complete Panhard Bar is manufactured in house so replacement parts will be readily available “off the shelf”.


  • Designed and Manufactured by Des Sol
  • High Strength Thick Walled DOM Piping
  • Adjustable from 0 to 100mm Lift
  • CNC Machined Fine Threaded Adjuster
  • Des Sol Manufactured Thermoplastic Polyurethane Bushings

How Does a Panhard Bar Work

Please refer to the video below to see how a Panhard Bar works in ensuring rear axle stability.

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