HL-484 High Lift – Cast and Steel Jacks (48”/122cm)


As tough and durable as your 4×4 is, there’s always a chance of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, whether it’s in mud, quicksand, a river or any other obstacle you come across on your trip. For that reason, having some sort of recovery equipment is essential. Our casting jack is manufactured from high yield and tensile strength iron castings, When used properly, the high-lift jack is an irreplaceable piece of gear for any off-road enthusiast going through any terrain. Our Jacks lift the chassis of your 4×4 up, which can be beneficial when chassis is stuck on a tree stump or rock. You can also lift the tyres off of the ground should you need to replace a flat one. This can also come in handy if you need to fill a hole under the tyre or place sand ladders.

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