Gen 4 – 50mm Overlanding Kit (Pack 3)


As stock, the Suzuki Jimny Gen4 4×4 is an amasing little vehicle, designed for all to have fun and test their 4×4 driving skills on the most demanding courses and trails. However, when considering overlanding for long distances there are a number of critical parts that need to be reviewed to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape so that you are not let down and stuck out in the bush miles from nowhere. One of the most important upgrades you can do when preparing for overlanding is your suspension. The additional weight that your overlanding gear places on your suspension can have a significant impact on the road handling of your Jimny especially when travelling for long distances on uneven surfaces. One of the most underestimated aspects of your suspension kit is your panhard or track bar. If your stock front panhard bar fails when overlanding due to fatigue you will not be able to drive your vehicle and towing costs could wreck a well planned and budgeted overlanding trip.

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