Suzuki Jimny Suspension Upgrade, Why?

Submitted by Jason

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Having grown up on Land-Rover and Toyota, why buy a Gen-4 Suzuki Jimny, and then add a Des-Sol Suspension Upgrade kit. Having researched and test driven the Gen-4, I was happy with the vehicle, but not it’s handling or suspension. It felt unsettled, nervous in the corners, and lacking confidence, in my own opinion… And so begun the research on suspension and if any upgrades were available, and boy, what a trove of information I found online. With an information overload, I narrow my choice to two options, and focused on finding out as much information about performance and after sales service as I could, in the end I choose Des-Sol 4×4 Accessories.

First impression, brilliant. The Jimny now felt planted, confident and lacking nothing in the handling department. It’s not a F1 car, but the improvement was heaps and bounds better than the standard suspension. Having booked 2 weeks in the Kruger National Park, the 8th wonder of the world, my wife and I pack the Jimny with everything we’d need, including 20L of fuel, and headed out of Johannesburg, East bound.

Travelling in the Kruger National Park is dominated by corrugated dirt roads and Elephants jumping out from behind Mopane bushes. What we discovered, was that the performance of the upgrade benefited us hugely, even with all the corrugations that we experienced. Our Jimny did not give us that “African Deep Tissue Massage” that most dirt roads do on standard suspension, and engaging low range, it easily climbed a steep short sections of track, with the ease of being a tracked vehicle. The wheels stayed planted, the Jimny never rocked and rolled, nor did it jump from bump to bump, and the traction was incredible. Cornering was hugely improved, and at the end of the day, the suspension allowed us to both enjoy a much deserved break.

Thanks to Des-Sol, and especially Rob, for the brilliant suspension and excellent after sales service. I highly recommend Des-Sol, but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself…



One thought on “Suzuki Jimny Suspension Upgrade, Why?

  1. Nico Bouwer says:

    Good day Jason
    Did you fit the wheel spacers as well? Would you say that the wheel spacers have any more benefits apart from upgrading the stance and increasing the trackwidth to easier fit onto jeep-track?

    Reply from Jason
    So I have had the spacers fitted and we used them on our Holiday this December in the Mountain Zebra National Park. The vehicle now has a wider footprint, which adds a new level of confidence from the Jinmy, both on and off road. Also, this allowed my wife to do almost all the offroad 4×4 driving at the Park (I was only allowed to drive twice), and she thoroughly enjoyed the driving, as it was her first use of the vehicle from a 4×4 context.. I can highly recommend the wheel spacers, as they don’t make the vehicle look awkward, as some vehicles with spacers do, and the added confidence from the slight wider footprint is well worth the investment.

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