Suzuki Jimny Upgrades with Des Sol Slimline Bumper

There are many local and imported aftermarket Suzuki Jimny Bumpers available on the market today, but how do you evaluate the bumper manufacturing quality and fitment of these bumpers before purchasing online? Is it easy for the DIY enthusiast to fit? Do you have to cut, drill into or weld onto your crumple zone mounting points to get your new bumper to fit? Do you have to cut into or cut out your existing bodywork to get your bumper to fit properly? How difficult is it to remove your existing OEM bumper? How do you remove the OEM Bumper clips and fasteners? How do you remove your existing spotlights from your OEM bumper, and how easy is it for these spotlights to be mounted to your new bumper you have ordered? What tools do you need? How heavy is the bumper? Can one person do the job by themselves? Can you do this DIY fitment at home in your garage? If you own a facelift model Jimny how is the front grille removed and replaced and integrated into your new bumper?

Lastly and most importantly, how good is the final fit of your brand new Jimny bumper? Does it hug the lines of your grill and fenders, blending in so that it looks just like a genuine OEM replacement by Suzuki? This video shows exactly what you will be getting with regards to the above if you buy one of our Des-Sol Jimny Slimline or Winch bumpers.

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