What tyres can I fit to my Jimny?

Gen3 Jimny Tyre Sizes

Standard – 205/70
Next – 205/75 (very slight difference)
Recommended – 215/75 (Standard Bumper without Wheel Spacers) Note: Can catch on the front bumper normally in reverse when in full lock to the left or right. To remedy this trim the bumper insert by 10 mm which solves the problem.
Next – 235/75 (Use with modified bumper and wheel spacers). User will experience a large drop in power on road – this is not for everyone. We recommend using our Des-Sol Steering Damper Kit with these tyres fitted.

We recommend you use the 215/75 for two reasons:

  1. The standard tyre (205/70) the speedometer under reads. Using the 215/75 results in your speedometer displaying the correct speed (100% accurately) not under reading like the OEM tyre.
  2. Your revs will be lower resulting in better consumption on the open road.

Gen4 Jimny Tyre Sizes

Standard – 195/80
Next – 215/75 (very slight difference)
Next – 215/80 (hard to get)
Suggested – 235/75 (Slight rub at full flex with standard bumpers – With Des-Sol Wheel Spacers fitted you will experience a rub on the fender at full flex off-road) User will experience a slight drop in power but with the Gen4 this will not be a problem.

Note: Dealers allow +3% difference in tyre size without any warrantee issues. We recommend running this past your dealer before making your decision.  

For an extensive overview of available tyre sizes and tread patterns for the Jimny you can look here. For detailed tyre size calculations look here.  This last  site allows you to compare different tyre sizes visually as below:

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  1. Sybrand Engelbrecht says:

    Hi there guys,
    Two questions from me. 1. Could I fit 30 x 9.5 x R15’s. Will it clear the wheel arches? I also intend to do the lift with you .
    2. Do you guys do rear bumpers?

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